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Leonardo Inn Dead Sea - ein bokek!

If your dream is a resort that offers peace and tranquility, a luxurious experience and is quiet - Leonardo Inn Hotel Dead Sea is the perfect dream.
Leonardo does not consist of any materials that create gorgeous holiday: spectacular location at the foot of Mount Sodom and facing the Dead Sea, the standard of hotels Leonardo and the home atmosphere you will not find anywhere else ... All you need to clear my head.

The rooms of the Hotel Leonardo Inn Dead Sea
The hotel offers 96 rooms, which most of them can be pampered private balcony.
Rooms suitable for a couple + child, when there is some connecting doors between rooms. All rooms can be enjoyed HOT cable TV in every room, tea and coffee and mini-bar.

Meal time
Breakfast: 7:00 to 10:00.
Dinner: 18:00 to 20:00.

Recreational activities
Entertainment activity Leonardo Inn Dead Sea adapts to the peaceful nature of the hotel and includes a Bedouin tent hosts hotel resorts.
Tent is privately owned and available on Fridays conditioned tent with a minimum order.

Additional facilities and services
The hotel can enjoy fresh-water pool, solarium separated men and women, private beach within walking distance, tennis / soccer, petting zoo, Conference and Events. Empower green lawns and tranquil atmosphere at home.
Guests can enter and use the spa of Le Meridien Dead Sea, located within walking distance (entrance fee).

Front and leaving rooms:
Weekdays: from 15:00
Christmas on the Sabbath or Saturday: from 16:00
Leaving the room:
Weekdays: until 11:00
On Saturday or a holiday: to 16:00
Leaving the room after 16:00 will be charged automatically in the amount of 150 dollars.
Guests wishing to extend their stay at the hotel in advance can do so at a reception attended arrival.
As mentioned, the extension will be subject to hotel confirmation, depending Rex and an additional charge of 150 dollars per room (based on room only) - up to the hour after Shabbat / holiday at the most.
Packages Sofsof"s Receive rooms starting Sabbath.

Hotel Address and Phone:
Leonardo Inn Dead Sea
DN Ein Bokek Dead Sea Length 86 930
Phone: 08-6684666
Phone reservations: 03-5110050

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Leonardo Club Hotel Dead Sea - ein bokek

Leonardo Club Dead Sea take the experience of "all inclusive" one step forward and raising it to the level of exclusiveness "deluxe", the Dead Sea freedom becomes even more maddening. So whether you're lying by the pool pampering, spending on the private beach or enjoying the hotel spa, you can be sure that you enjoy every second of all the little details that make a holiday perfect.

Leonardo Club Dead Sea gives you the all inclusive experience the highest level of the lowest in the world.

Leonardo Club Dead Sea resort offers 388 guest rooms including suites, mini-suites and family rooms. At two sections: Magic Wing Deluxe Wing. Magic rooms adapted for a couple with one child and custom deluxe rooms for couples to two children or three adults. Available Rooms with connecting door deluxe wing. To physical limitations hotel offers rooms fitted with high accessibility.

Dining at the Leonardo Club Dead Sea
You will enjoy a luxurious breakfast is served at: 7:00 a.m. to 10:30, Lunch: 13:00 to 15:00, Dinner: 18:00-21:00 Breakfast also Midnight (light dairy meal) from 24: 00-24:30. Leonardo Club Dead Sea All Inclusive: bar soft drinks, hot beverages made in the country, popsicles free every day from 16:00 to 17:00 sweet surprise in the lobby.

Entertainment and Leisure
Singing waiters of the hotel will surprise performances varied, and entertainment with entertainment bands active during the day and night and a wide range of activities, shows and musicals for children and adults.
Children's club with creation area, games room and video.

New children's clubs Fattal
Fattal five million shekels invested in renovating and redesigning the children's clubs and youth clubs establishment of a family hotel network. To accommodate the vacation experience for everyone, we divided the young vacationers categories created for them engaging content that will enrich the world during the vacation. New children's rooms are decorated in a fantastic world games offer a variety of different styles designed development by content worlds children. Complexes are divided into ages 1-4 children ages 4-9 and 9-12 and offer rich content and diverse age levels. More attractions for children, two toddlers pools, luxurious kindergarten computer games, videos and horticulture linked, water slides and inflatable attractions.

New youth clubs Fattal's exclusive
All the amenities your children always wanted to be at ... Youth rooms are designed and Fattal's latest: Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wll, Eye Toy, simulators Driving simulators, dance mats with modern games, LCD screens for optimal gaming experience, e-sports sessions, virtual warfare, Pro Evolution Soccer League and more exciting content and exciting.

Indulgence and joy - the Dead Sea's style
Enjoy Spa in Mineral Carr (Mineral Care) "massage treatments, mud wraps, exfoliation and beauty salon (fee). Enjoy spa heated pool of seawater salt, two sulfur pools at different temperatures, gym, sauna and steam bath and two jacuzzis (for a fee).
And Coast: Mud Festival happening with anemones, music and entertainment team activity. And that's not all you'll find on the beach adjacent tanning, beach services, easy access to water and shaded areas. On the roof of the hotel you can enjoy a special facility to tan: tanning solarium with separate men and women.

Recently, several upgrades at the Leonardo Club Dead Sea, among others can be found in the rooms: coffee, LCD TV in every suite in the hotel. Imported vodka and energy drink are divided into the lobby, you can rent bicycles free of charge, and twice a week there is a night swimming in the spa or pool.
In December, January and February the outdoor pool only on weekends province depending on the weather. Beach Hotel has been upgraded with a unique Shanti beach mats, futon beds, soothing music and more.

Leonardo Club Hotel Dead Sea is not missing a thing: private beach, an abundance of quality food, endless activities and entertainment for little ones and adults, children and youth clubs new and cool, cozy rooms and a wellness center and spa quiet and relaxing. So why wait? Book now a enchanting experience!

Front and leaving rooms:
Weekdays: from 15:00
Christmas on the Sabbath or Saturday: from 16:00
Leaving the room:
Weekdays: until 11:00
On Saturday or a holiday: to 16:00
Leaving the room after 16:00 will be charged automatically in the amount of 150 dollars.
Guests wishing to extend their stay at the hotel in advance can do so at a reception attended arrival.
As mentioned, the extension will be subject to hotel confirmation, depending Rex and an additional charge of 150 dollars per room (based on room only) - up to the hour after Shabbat / holiday at the most.
Packages Sofsof"s Receive rooms starting Sabbath.

Hotel Address and Phone
Leonardo Club Dead Sea
D. N. Ein Bokek Dead Sea glow spilled 84 960
Phone: 08-6689444
Phone reservations: 03-5110050

Dead Sea beach visitors recommend short trip in ein bokek!

Dead Sea beach visitors recommend short and convenient route suitable for the whole family - a few minutes you walk shaded and cool stream cut in the walls Mtzokiim desert landscape. You can even wash in the spring.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Area: Judean Desert
Suitable age: all ages
Trip type: Family
Best season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Notes: Free
Highlight Color: Black
Topographic Map Number: Southern Judean Desert and the Dead Sea (11)
Starting point: Route 90 - Open Nahal Bokek with hotels
End point: at the starting point
Track length: 2 km
Estimated time: one to two hours

Shoket Junction - Route 31 passing near Arad. Down to the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi turn toward Route 90. Junction glow to the entrance stream 6.5 km

Description of the route:
Parking lot near the road going to the convenient path marked in black at the bottom of the channel. Already after 200 meters on the right rises an impressive black cliff. Another 150 meters and turn right canyon and closed the walls. On the sandy bottom of the river flowing stream and path skips the other parties to suits or inside. Even the hot days of summer air-conditioned here and most of the day there is shade. Desert water vegetation covering the riverbed. Quasi active all year round.

Walking path ends with a sloping waterfall - shallow natural pool at his feet. Pool water depth varies from year to year according to the intensity of floods in winter. You should take a swimsuit and take a dip. The path climbs with black markings right on the rock wall. This is the beginning of a continuing copies cliff wall - but this path already out Lmslolino.

While we were there we must remember that beauty spots are very rare in the region and therefore the place attracts hordes of travelers. If any traveler just throw a piece of paper or break a branch of a bush - then fill quickly reserved dirt or destroy - and again we will not have to go back. We said teacher. Indeed Ein Bokek is declared a nature reserve and we treat all of its seriousness and responsibility laws of the reserve: not light a fire, do not leave any garbage, no harm flora and fauna.

Return back the way we came. Should bring drinking water and not rely on spring water - even if they look clear. There is a process of salting spring (originated by the Nature phosphate wash Mishor Rotem)

Benefactor reaching travelers can get up Bokek spring through the desert level (Cliff sign - up Bokek). You can also start from the red path, to pass by the Bokek and Ein Nuit, go to the meeting with the black path and browse to spring him.

Other sites around:
Beaches declared in hotels, Hike rum, criticized by Zohar, a trip to Mount Sodom and Nahal draft (Cave flour while writing closed to visitors, and all the caves on Mount Sodom).

Avoid a trip to the area during heat stress. There is a danger of slipping on wet rocks. No reserve travel after dark. Requires alertness to the possibility floods (sudden rain storms can also occur in the fall and spring - listen to the weather!).

Accommodation in the area:
The Ein Gedi Field School

Training in:
The Ein Gedi Field School

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Track From Tamrur Cliff to Ein Bokek

Between Arad and the southern region of the Dead Sea , there is an enchanting route that begins in the desert highland , ascends to some impressive observation points and goes down to He'etekim Crag and Ein Bokek springs through the Bokek canyon . Nice and easy hiking , beautiful landscape viewing and bathing in a fountain are all included in this route . 
Getting There 

The starting point is from Route 31 from Arad toward the Dead Sea - Neve Zohar . In between the 64th and 65th km of the road , 16 .5 km {10 .2 miles} from Hatrurim Junction , or 10 km {6 .2 miles} west from Neve Zohar Junction , you'll meet with a brown signpost denoting Tamrur and Ein Bokek . This sign is also the beginning of a hiking route , marked green in the footpath marking {1} . Although having no arranged parking lot , this place offers some safe places for parking your vehicle there . 

Note , that 1 km {0 .6 mile} south on Route 31 , another route to Ein Bokek , marked black in the footpath marking , starts from this point {12} onward . You could drive your vehicle on this dirt road until the reaching the foot of Tamrur cliff {Tsuk Tamrur} . 

The ending point in which the other vehicle will be left , is near the north turn to the Ein Bokek hotel area , in proximity to the 212th km of Route 90 , next to a signpost , which directs to Ein Bokek {11} . The route ends there . 

For GPS users , click here for having the route coordinates ( the New Israeli Net ) . 

The Route 

The beginning of the route looks like a pedestrian path marked green in the footpath marking {1} . This footpath marking will guide us almost until the end of our trail . After about 1-km walk in the desert area we will reach quickly to the foot of Har Shulchan {Table Mountain} , which also bears the name Tamrur Cliff {2} . Although the footpath continues straightly from this point , we will abandon it for a short while , will stick to the crag line , and take another 1-km walking eastward until we will reach the level point 204 ( no . 3 in the map ) . From this point , the spectacular view of the entire southern region of the Dead Sea is unfolded : north to us - Har Kana'im , Har Ben Yair and Massada ; in the east – the Dead Sea , the canyon of Nahal Bokek , the Dead Sea Lisan Peninsula , Moab Mountains , and Edom Mountains ; In the south – Hatzera Ridge , Hatira Ridge and Har Tzeva'im ; in the west – Zohar Ridge and the city of Arad . 

The cliff received its name after a post with metal tablet that stood on the end of the cliff for years , and resembling from afar a signpost ; however , today , the post is gone . 

In this point , you might easily notice the many chalk hills of the desert highland , and as we'd advance we will realize how this highland dramatically slopes down toward the Dead Sea in He'etekim Cliff . In this area the precipitation level is about 100 – 350 CC per year , but due to the low water absorption capacity of the soil , most direct runoff is wasted and therefore the land can support only grazing but not yielding crops . 

From this observation point we shall continue north with the promontory , until we will adjoin the green footpath {4} that leads down from Tamrur Cliff to Nahal Bokek . The canyon of Nahal Bokek { continues for another ten kilometers , from the region of Ben Nesher Mountain To Parsa Mountain and To He'etekim Cliff , digging and carving its way in the soft chalk-bed .

After a 1-km walk {0 .62 mile} we shall meet with a dirt road marked black in the footpath marking {5} ; however , we will follow the green footpath that goes in the riverbed . Our hiking will be marked by the presence of the typical desert flora : athel tamaisk , white broom , shrubby salt-bush , salt tree , taily weed and more .

After another 1 .5-km walk , we will reach the ideal place for resting – above a small waterfall that was formed in the canyon {6} . Here it is also a superb spot for having a nice observation toward the canyon's landscape . The green path bypasses the right side of the waterfall and returns back to the canyon . We shall keep on going another 2-km walk in the canyon through clinging to the green footpath marking until reaching the waterfall in Nahal Bokek {7} .

Bokek Waterfall

From this point , the canyon breaks from the He'etekim Cliff in a breathtaking hoof-like {N2} {U3} waterfall , at a 100 m height , with an additional waterfall at 60 m . We will discover Ein Bokek {Bokek spring} at the bottom of the waterfall when we shall descend down in further walking the trail . But for now we will enjoy the scenery from the outlook at the head of the waterfall , which includes the high picks of Edom Mountains , Har Sdom {Sodom Mountain} , and He'etekim Cliff , that were created by the Great Rift Valley ( cf . an animation {U4} about this subject )

The Great Rift Valley is a continuous geographic trough , about 6 ,000 km {3 ,700 miles} in length , that goes all the way from north Syria until Tanzania in Africa . The Red Sea including Eilat Gulf , the Arava , the Dead Sea , the basin of the Sea of Galilee , and the basin of the Hula Lake are only part of the geological formation that was created by the Great Rift Valley . The area of the Dead Sea is the deepest point of the rift . This long trough has began to be formed about 25 million years ago , and its process of formation is still in the working .

Today the more accepted theory that explains the formation of the rift is connected with one of the most fascinating current geological theories : the plate tectonics theory ( or the continental drift ) . According to this theory , Earth is covered from its outwardly surface by huge plates of persistently moving rocks , whose slow movement can be traced on many millions of years . During this movement and through these plate's collisions with each another , varied geological formation were formed in the landscape of Earth : mountains , valleys , planes etc . Linking this theory to the Israeli section of the great rift valley , the scientists hold that the Arabian Peninsula tract , including the eastern side of the Jordan river , moves north , in relation to its counterpart , the western side of the Jordan river in Israel .

This movement to the north is accompanied also with a movement to the east , which is the product of a movement of the Arab peninsula that distances itself from the African Plate , which results in a circular movement anticlockwise . This motion is also the cause for the formation of the Eilat Golf , the Arava and Jordan Valley ( parallel to the movement of the Arabian Peninsula's tract north and east , Israel and Sinai has been also moving along the Suez Canal distancing themselves further away from Africa ) .

In the Israeli part of the great rift , the horizontal movement does not go so smoothly in both sides : the fault line is zigzagged , curved , sometimes it turns to the left , sometimes to the right , and eventually this asymmetrically movement had formed in the landscape some deep concaves depressions ( e .g . The Dead Sea , the Hula Lake and the Sea of Galilee ) as well as high ridges of mountains . The many geological proofs teaches us about the rift , as for example , the outcrops of igneous rocks in the rift valley ends in its western part in Eilat area , namely in Timna valley , while its counterpart in Jordan ends in the Dead Sea area , meaning about 100 km north to the Israeli geological outcrops . Another example is from the copper deposits which are located in the western part of the rift in the area of Timna Valley , while the in the Jordanian part the parallel rock strata with copper concentration are in Wadi Faynon , which is 100 km north to the Timna Valley .

To sum this up , because of the plates' movement , the area of Jordan moves northward , eastward and becomes higher parallel to the area of Israel . From the Bokek Waterfall lookout , the Edom Mountains look distinctively higher , and if we were to sort the type of rocks from the mountains across us , we will discover that their content is typically matching with their counterpart Israeli mountains , which are 100 km south to Nahal Bokek . Between Israel and Jordan there is the gapping rift of the Dead Sea .

It was already said that the Dead Sea is a result of the rift . In the following diagram {U5} there is an illustration of its formation . It was formed in 3 steps , and during the 2 later steps , the southern shallow part of the Dead Sea was formed as well as its northern part at about 400 meters deep .

After taking an observation and resting near the Ein Bokek Waterfall {7} , we will continue northeast with the path marked Green , and hike another 2 km until a meeting with a footpath marked red in the footpath marking {9} . Before starting with descending down , we will take a view from this observation point to both parts of the Dead Sea , the northern part is the blue one , and the southern one , with the shallow water , is turquoise . The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth , but unfortunately , the sea level is constantly dropping down every year , and for every year , there is a new Guinness World Record for the lowest point on earth .

There are few reasons for this decline : evaporation from heat , absent of substantial water sources for the lake ( except of the flow from springs like those of Einot Tzukim , Einot Kane and Samar Ein Gedi , and few floods from Jordan and the Judea Desert ) and from excessive water pumping for the Dead Sea Works plants for potassium manufacturing . 

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Crowne Plaza Dead Sea - Ein Bokek

This is a Crown Plage, the Dead Sea from near the Dead Sea with direct access to the private beach.The hotel offers 304 beautiful guest rooms and luxurious and. At your disposal a variety facilities of the hotel luxurious spa including dead sea salt water pool, a sulfur atom, a jacuzzi, sauna, steam rooms, showers, a gym, mud treatments and a selection of unique health and beauty treatments (extra charge) * Spa entrance is from age 16.solarium

Breakfast diners at rosemary. Lunch and dinner around the kitchen every time another Eastern, Mediterranean, European

ein bokek

Hotel facilities:
Room Facilities
Air conditioning, telephone, radio, television, cable, hair dryer, balcony, bathroom, shower, mini bar, small refrigerator, baby room safe

ein gedi

Laundry service, Facilities for disabled

ein gedi

Room service, dining room, coffee shop, bar

ein bokek

Fax at the hotel, video satellite service, voicemail, technical aids for Rent

ein bokek

Health and Leisure
Spa, sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, massage, beauty parlor, hairdresser
Indoor pool, heated indoor pool, outdoor pool, children's pool
Gym, games, football

ein bokek

Transportation to the hotel / hotel
Free parking for hotel guests, taxi, public bus

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Isrotel hotel Dead Sea - Bokek

Isrotel Dead Sea is a resort hotel and a luxurious spa offering pampering spa in the Dead Sea. The roomes are stunning with a view to the Dead Sea and the Red Sea as well. In the hotel you have plenty of entertainment, shows every night, activities for the children, private beach that is fully equipped, two freshwater swimming pools, children's pool, restaurants, the food level is good and. The staff is just waiting to give you quality service and cordial that will make your holiday unforgettable.

In Isrotel Spa awaits you a magical experience of health and relaxation, salt water pools, gym, steam bath (sauna) and hot tub. You will also find a sulfur pools and many treatments that you can cohice from that  regenerate the body and mind. 

If your Hungre you can go to the Golden foreign restaurant that offers a rich buffet and a variety of food from around the world in the lobby you can find a bar with a rich veratey of drinks and snacks another restaurant is Oasis that is next to the pool, the resturant serves you fish and meat grills, beers on tap and more.

In Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel, you are the Emperors! And therefore you deserve to enjoy entertainment day and night with the spirit of mythology and imperia of the dead sea, relax from high level health care.
Isrotel take care of the children with difrrent activities like magic showes, mind games, shows and more. 

Bottem line Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel - Isrotel is a spa hotel that offers a wellness center and a spacious spa and luxurious have direct access to the beach (across the street) Hotel has nine floors with elevators

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Dead Sea - Spa Club Hotel Review

The Location:  The hotel is in a complex that includes another hotel "Oasis". The design is very beautiful and the hotel recently was renovated. The main lobby is bright and very large. The hotel is very close to the Dead Sea and its about 5 minutes walk to the beach.

In The Room: Standard room is a bit small but you will have a window facing the Dead Sea. The big bathroom makes up for the size of the room, the bathroom have walls that are actually mirrors. At some point we found out that the room walls are pretty thin and you if listen you can hear almost everything going in the nearby rooms, especially the bathroom - anywhere that requires maximum discretion.

Luxuries: For a spa hotel the room luxuries were minimal. On the bed were laying down two robes and two slippers. On the cafe table there was plate of fruit that looked a little sad' in the bath there was a loofa waiting for us. On Friday morning we got a newspaper - that was a nice touch.

The spa is amazing, he designed in a Moroccan - Oriental style. There are variety of spa facilities that are free for the guests of the hotel for example:
A pool filled with water from the Dead Sea, the pool is warm and cozy.
Large hot tub.
Wet and dry steam bath and Turkish bath. 
Important to mention two luxurious showers that the hotel installed and placed near the pool. The spa treatments is another story. My friend and I lover massage, the Swedish massage that we got was mostly caresses its nice but not a massage.

Service: The service at the hotel wasn't good and we sometimes felt we were a bit onerous for the service providers. The receptionist make fun of us when we asked her how to get to the mud bath in the area, another receptionist refused to give us towels because she thought we were other people, at dinner we asked several times for a drink that just didn't came.

What to do: In January the hotel offers special holiday packages, in the weekends there many activities related to theater and performance. During our stay there were a lesson on improvisation and acting. Also there were more activities like spa, shiatsu and exercise all included in the price. Outside the hotel you can tour the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and other attractions nearby.

The Food: When we got to the a hotel it was already dinner time and the smell of frying from the kitchen was all over the lobby. The unpleasant smell overcame at the dining room itself. Dinner on the first day proved to be compatible with the smell - oily and fat food more appropriate for an army dining room not for hotel. Things improved at breakfast. The breakfast was great and offered a huge variety of cheeses, omelets made ​​at the request of the guests, breads, granola and more. Please note that breakfast is served until 12, which is great to those who sleep late.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a hotel with a spa, variety of activities, this is the place for you. Service area - temper your expectations.

Price: from -1,045 NIS for a night on weekends